BBQ: Lead Dog Sweet Barbecue Sauce

Our flagship product! Bottled in collaboration with Moosetard Mustards in Fairbanks, Alaska, this sauce has to be tasted to be believed!

Save on shipping! Since we pack up to 4 bottles into a single flat rate box, you can get 4 bottles shipped to you for the price of one!

$8.95 per bottle.

Here are some awards that have been won with the Lead Dog Sweet BBQ Sauce:

  • 2008 Alaska State BBQ Championship:  1st Place - Sauce
  • 2007 Alaska State BBQ Championship:  2nd Place - Sauce
  • 2008 FairBQ BBQ Contest:  3rd Place - Sauce
  • 2009 Solstice BBQ Championship "Throwdown in the Downtown": 2nd Place - Sauce
  • 2009 Alaska State BBQ Championship:  4th Place - Sauce

Please See for other information about the 3 Dogs BBQ Competition Cooking team. The Lead Dog Sweet sauce has been used on our chicken and ribs since 2006. See the gallery....